New DotCloud Boom

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Czl_GVkXcAY_6bBThe new DotCloud Boom is now an actual business for web masters. In the 1990s, Dotcom was created from scratch using tools that costed millions of dollars. Now a days, with the technology we have in this generation, Dotcom put effort to give us the tools for $10 a month. Web masters are not only going to be designing and creating websites, they will also be business architects. After 10 years, Dotcom has finally evolve in a way that is more interactive and more user-friendly. Get ready people, DotCloud is evolving and it is evolving better than ever before.


Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/285859


Exploring the Web

Tim O’Reilly was the first person to use the phrase “Web 2.0” when the web was starting on new modern technology.

Web 1.0 was limited with interaction with most websites for users. It was a simple web page where the user was given information without the ability to send a comment, review, or give feedback.

Web 2.0 was an update from Web 1.0. It allowed users to interact with websites unlimited where they could chat with other users, comment on posts, and much more. Social media also was created such as; Youtube, Wiki, and other social websites.

Web 3.0 was an update for both Web 1.0 and 2.0.  It allowed more interaction with websites, including what we hae in most websites. It has dynamic applications, interactive services, and machine to machine interaction.


Websites named Wikis are pages that anyone can edit and put in any type of information that they know. Most information on wikis are false as users could assume the information at anytime.

Nomadicity is used in websites. Nomadicity is the tendency of a person, or group of people, to move with relative frequency. This is also used on websites when data or information needs to be sent to someone or if someone needs to send a video or send a picture.


A “Mashup” for networks is a web application that takes information from one or more sources and presents it in a ew way or with a unique layout. This allows networks to have different and unique names.


The 2.0 controversy seems very good in my opinion because web 1.0 would not  have the ability to allow users to interact with webpages and be secured in some way when they enter the website they sign up for.

Scripting Languages

Scripting languages are languages used in an HTML document. It allows the website to be user-friendly and useable for anyone who goes on a websie. The 5 scripting languages are Java, Javascript, PHP, HHVM, and SQL. These are the top 5 languages used by web developers and are the most effective languages, giving the website a better use for the audience.

Website Wireframes

Wireframes are important when creating a website because the map will show what you want to put on you’re website, instead of you just making  website and you don’t know what you want to put on it. When creating a website, wireframes make it easy to figure out what you want to add on the website and figure out how you’re website should work. When using a wireframes, you have to be very specific of what you want the website to have and how it should work, such as the picture below, i added some scripts by a webpage I want to have scripts in them. As a conclusion, wireframes are easier to use and more helpful then doing research on what you should put on a website.Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 8.29.01 AM.png

Web Media

Netiquette is use on the internet for many reasons. One reason is for behavior control and blocking out words that are inappropriate and could hurt someone. we use the internet everyday to post pictures of what we do, talk to people, and more. When using netiquette, a user’s behavior and language os controlled, allowing websites to become safer.   Watch more: Netiquette

About Photoshop GIF

Photoshop is known to use some form of aniamtion called the Graphics Interhcange Format, GIF for short, and could be used in many websites and other applications that could be used for business and web development. GIF and other animatiuon is used in websites to create an attraction and interest in a website, such as making a car use bubble speech to persuade people into buying a vehicle. GIF and animations could also be used in presentations, events, and other places. Creating an animation in Photoshop takes time and precision. But, with enough concentration and wise timing, creating an animation will be as simple as 1,2,3. So, what are you waiting for? Go create some animations!



My Web Page Layout

As a web developer, I would want my page to be simple and professional at any cost. Using boxes to show the navbar under the header, the slideshow under the navbar, the news, and polls under the slideshow and include the footer and a spot where I can introduce myself and give information about me and my website. I will also use gradient colors, black,white,grey or bronze for the website layout and have the words be a color that is visible.

Replace a Traditional Resume by Online Portfolio?

Replacing a traditional resume by an online portfolio would be perfect as you have you’re own website and can show the skills you have using the software you use for you’re business. Here are 5 reasons why I would replace a traditional resume with an online portfolio:


  1. The website is accessible to any company and completes as a resume and a cover letter. This would give me a better chance to get a job.
  2. The website can show what skills you have easily, you an prove hat you can make websites or make posters as images or any skills that a web developer uses.
  3. The website is easier and more secured, which means if I had  a traditional resume I would lose the paper or it wouldn’t interest anyone that I am trying to impress.
  4. The website gives company a chance to see what you are really about and that you can do what you say you can do. Any website you make and they see can impress the company more than anything that you could try using.
  5. Lastly, the website you create can show more information.  A traditional resume can’t really show what you have done, what you can do, or anything. But for a website, you can show that you made a website, or any skills that could be useful for the company and you show them that you are important to them with the information you use.

Those are my 5 reasons why I would use a website portfolio and not a traditional resume.